8 Tips For Deal With Rejection in Life

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Tips For Deal With Rejection in Life

Ever notice how being rejected stops some people from keeping on trying while others bounce back from rejection stronger than before? Everyone faces rejection at some point in life, but mentally strong people use that pain & sorrow to grow stronger & become better. Rejection hurts if you were not invited to a social engagement or were denied a promotion. How you handle the rejection could decide the entire course of your future. Today, we will discuss Tips For Deal With Rejection in Life.

Tips To Deal with Rejection in Life

Tips For Deal With Rejection in Life

1. Don’t Insult Them

It may sound obvious, but not. We know not everyone does it, but there is a type of people who sadly will resort to petty name-calling & hurling insults after they have not gotten what they wanted.

You can’t be complimenting the person you like one minute & then entirely change your mind because of the words ‘no thanks. All they have said is No; it doesn’t show it is personal & it doesn’t mean you essentially did anything wrong. Sometimes it is something you can’t control & have it your way.

2. Acknowledge Your Emotions

Rather than suppress, ignore, or deny the pain, it would be best if you acknowledge your emotions. You must admit when you are embarrassed, sad, disappointed, or discouraged. You must have confidence in your capability to deal with uncomfortable emotions directly, which is vital to coping with your uneasiness in a healthy manner.

Rejection hurts if you have been rejected by someone you fancy or turned down for a promotion. Trying to curtail the pain by convincing yourself–or someone else–it was “no big deal” will only lengthen your pain. The best way to deal with painful emotions is to face them straight out.

3. Try To Understand Where The Rejection Came From

Take a deep breath because it is time to do the daunting work of exploring our role in the rejection, that too, without judgment. One major downside in relationships is that we sometimes don’t converse about what we want clearly. Ask yourself: Was I expecting someone to read my mind, & do I feel disappointed? In our attempt to protect ourselves from rejection, we may leave blanks & expecting someone else to fill in.

Likewise, our insecurities can also lead us to recognize something as rejection when it’s not. If we don’t explain the meaning, it can often lead to hurt feelings, taking something personally, anger & bitterness. This “explaining,” can be internal or in conversation with the other party involved. For example, you asked your boss for a promotion & you have been told you aren’t quite ready. Instead of taking this personally & quitting that hope for your future, think of it as a chance to find out what your boss wants from you to be ready.

4. View Rejection as Evidence You Are Pushing The Limits

One of the vital Tips For Deal With Rejection in Life is to view it from a new perspective. You must know that rejection serves as proof that you are living life to the fullest. You should expect to be rejected sometimes, & yet you must not be afraid to go for it, even when you suspect it may be a long shot. When you get rejected for a promotion, denied a job, or turned down by someone near, you will know you are putting yourself out there.

5. Treat Yourself With Compassion

Rather than thinking, “You are so stupid for thinking you could do that,” you must treat yourself with compassion. You should respond to negative self-talk with a kinder, more assertive message.

Whether you got abandoned by your long-term lover or hit unexpectedly by a recent firing in your company, beating yourself up will only keep you demoralized. Talk to yourself like a faithful friend. Throw out your unsympathetic inner critic by repeating helpful mantras that will keep you mentally strong & motivated.

6. Avoid Unproductive Reflection

Simultaneously, be kind to yourself in your rumination. We incline to be our own worst critics. But ruminating for days on everything you did wrong may overgeneralize the circumstances or dampen your spirit from taking future risks—just because you didn’t crack the interview doesn’t mean you will never get a job.

Some of the biggest challenges we face when processing rejection are the propensity to self-blame & spend too much energy catastrophizing the circumstances. Instead, try to take a more objective stance in your estimation & move on to what’s next.

7. Refuse to Let Rejection Define You

You should not make sweeping generalizations when you are rejected. If one company turns you down for a job, you should not declare yourself incompetent. Or, if you get rejected by a single love interest, you must not conclude you are unlovable. Keep rejection in the proper perspective.

One person’s opinion or one incident should never describe who you are. Don’t let your self-worth rely upon other people’s opinions about you. Just because someone thinks negatively about you doesn’t mean it’s true.

8. Learn From Rejection

Just ask yourself, “What did I gain from this?” so you can learn from rejection. Rather than endure the pain, you should turn it into an opportunity for self-growth. With every rejection, you grow stronger & become better.

Whether you learn about aspects in your life that call for improvement or you simply identify that being turned down isn’t terrible as you imagined, experiences of rejection can be a good teacher. Use rejection as a chance to move forward with more wisdom & insights.

Why Being Rejected Can Help You Succeed In Life

Rejection hurts no matter if it’s the significant type, like not getting that job that was so right for you or less vital, like getting turned down by someone you fancy. Our feelings get hurt, our self-esteem takes a hit, & it disturbs our feeling of belonging. Even minimal rejection can really sting.

But there are many Tips For Deal With Rejection in Life, so the fear of rejection doesn’t keep us from putting ourselves out there.

By being rejected & analyzing the cause behind it, we can have a chance to improve & upgrade ourselves in those areas. By being rejected, we can recognize our shortcomings & work on them, eventually leading to success.

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