8 Things To Avoid To Be Successful

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Things To Avoid To Be Successful

We all have our vices. Some of us are addicted to substances, some of us are whimsical, some of us lack motivation, and some of us are simply lazy. We all have things that drag us behind, things that block our road to success. We need to understand which Things to Avoid to be Successful in reaching our goals. After all, hundreds of distractions prevent us from reaching our goals.

When it comes to improving ourselves, we often become our own greatest enemies. We associate with the wrong people, let our minds get in the way, or allow outside pressures to divert us. Your chances of succeeding might be impacted by several things. You must develop the ability to identify these elements and take the necessary action to remove them from your life as much as possible.

Avoid These If You Want To Be Successful

Things To Avoid To Be Successful

1. Self-Doubt

You won’t do anything if you don’t believe you can succeed. Everybody has self-doubt from time to time. It’s good to have some skepticism since it helps us concentrate on our areas for improvement. But if we keep doubting ourselves, it will only make it harder for us to succeed.

If you’re not cautious, doubt has the power to control your life and paralyze you. Whether it’s launching a new company, striking up a stranger, or relocating abroad, taking chances may be frightening. It is the ability to overcome doubts that separates successful people from unsuccessful ones.

Despite knowing them, they continue onward motion. Keep in mind that trying and failing is preferable to not trying at all.

2. Procrastination

Procrastination is one of the major Things to Avoid to be Successful. Most of us tend to push things away until further notice. That pending work gets cumulated over time and we had no option but to rush ourselves to finish it. Often most mistakes happen because we keep procrastinating and push that thing until the eleventh hour.

Suppose you have an important presentation. You are overconfident you can do it in three days. You come back home and start relaxing with your favorite TV show and a bottle of beer instead of studying for the presentation, you start relaxing and forget about it.

Right two days before the presentation, you suddenly remember it & when start to study, you discover even one month may not be enough for you to finish it! Sounds familiar? Therefore, don’t procrastinate.

3. Not Learning or Adopting New Skills

It takes knowledge and skills to succeed. It will be hard for you to succeed if you don’t increase your knowledge. These days, you may learn without physically returning to campus.

There are a plethora of resources available for learning, and in most cases, a college degree does not provide you with the skills you need to achieve both financially and emotionally.

Look for personal and development courses in addition to specialized training to give yourself the information, abilities, and mindset you need to succeed in the long run.

Successful individuals often have an unquenchable thirst for information and never stop learning. Look through books, search the internet for the greatest educational resources, and never stop studying.

4. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of the Things to Avoid to become Successful. We’re not ideal beings. Errors may happen to us sometimes. Some folks imagine the perfect existence. That kind of thinking, however, may result in avarice and a lack of thankfulness. An ungrateful individual will always seek more of what they are entitled to.

It is essential to acknowledge that plans may not always work out as expected. Not everything can run smoothly all the time. Both mistakes and inadequacies are possible.

However, from there, improvements and lessons may be learned. Abundance and pleasure are possible when we learn to be content with what we have and value the work we put in to complete a task.

5. Fear of Failure

Many individuals are unable to effectively accomplish their objectives because of this poisonous sensation. As they say, “The worst of failures is not defeat.” The real failure is not having tried.

If you encounter a little setback on your path to success, take what you can from it, get back up, and keep pursuing your goals. Success comes from a mother’s failure. The two largest obstacles on the path to achievement are discouragement and failure.

6. Lack of Consistency

Lack of consistency is one of the Things to Avoid to be Successful. One quality that sets successful individuals apart from others is consistency.

You must act consistently, pursue your passions, and make every effort to realize your full potential. When you complete tasks on time each day, they create habits that allow you to do tasks at your speed. 

You could find it difficult to maintain a steady pace at first, and you might even make the occasional mistake. The key is to not give up and to go on even in the face of irregularities or imperfections on your route. If you persist at it, it won’t seem like labor and will become second nature to you.

7. Low Self-Esteem

You must first have confidence in your talents if you want to achieve in life. You have to acknowledge that you are more intelligent than you may believe. Low self-worth may be detrimental.

You have to have faith in your own ability before everyone else in the world. Having a high sense of self-worth might boost your courage to act and accomplish your goals. Your other potential may also be unlocked by doing this.

8. Lack of Focus

Not having enough focus is one of the Things to Avoid to become Successful. Even though you may have made preparations to accomplish your objectives, if you lack attention, you will quickly undermine your progress. Everywhere we look these days, there is an abundance of knowledge to be found.

Even while technology benefits us in some ways, like making knowledge more easily accessible, we may easily get overwhelmed by details. Sometimes, this deluge of information might just prevent us from acting at all. It’s important to maintain attention.

Maintain a daily to-do list and make sure you do the items on it within the allotted time, according to priority. Do something that moves you closer to your objectives every day.

Final Thoughts

We must remain committed to the objectives we have set for ourselves and know which Things to Avoid to be Successful. Expect to run into a few diversions here and there. You will discover that some things have the potential to divert you from your path as you pursue personal accomplishment.

Don’t let distractions cause you to give up on your objectives. Have confidence in yourself and make every effort not to put things off. There are days when everything seems to be going according to plan and days when things could run as smoothly as butter. That’s acceptable. It is a step in the procedure.

As long as you get back up and do your hardest each time, it doesn’t matter how many times you make mistakes. Follow your heart and seek the things that are most important to you. On your path to success, practice gratitude and never forget that there is never a time to give up.


Q: We know Things to Avoid to be Successful. What things do we need to embrace to be successful?

A: There are many things we can embrace that will bring success. Such as:

  • Determination.
  • Resilience.
  • Good habits.
  • Focus.
  • Honesty.
  • Dedication and many more.

Q: Despite many vices, how do some people become successful?

A: Despite being jailed for substance abuse, Robert Downy Jr. amended himself and came back stronger. Having vices is common, but getting rid of them needs determination.

Q: I am trying to get rid of alcoholism, but nothing is helping. What should I do?

A: Ask your family and friends for help. If needed, you can reach out to some support groups and counselors.

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