8 Things That Stop You From Achieving Your Goals

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Things That Stop You

According to Hinduism, six ‘ripu’ (enemies) resides within us, which stops us from growing & having a happy & progressive life. Those are Kama (lust or desire), Krodha (anger), Lobha (greed), Mada (arrogance), Moha (attachment) & Matsarya (jealousy). Any one or more than one can thwart your development. Though these are not the only things, there are many Things That Stop You from achieving what you wish.

To achieve your goals, you must change your behavior, which helps you to become a better version of yourself. You may not be ready for that change because you haven’t created the necessary success habits, abolished unhealthy & infertile activities, & are surrounded by so many distractions that you struggle to know what’s vital.

Things That Stop You

Things That Stop You

1. Fear Of Failure

Most people are afraid of failure & it stops them from even trying because of the possibility of not succeeding. As it can be easy to fail in several things, people become entirely paralyzed by it, & they can never see their dreams come true.

The truth is failure is a valuable gift. It’s an unavoidable step on your path to success, & a step you are likely to take more than once. Failure is evidence that you are trying, taking action to get what you want, & you are not giving up. Failure provides you with valuable lessons & experiences you need to be stronger, wiser, someone with more willpower & more focused.

2. Perfectionism

Trying to do something perfectly is not a crime, but getting caught up in perfectionism is one of the Things That Stop You. You need to admit no matter how well you plan or how secure your backup plan may seem, life can always throw something unexpected at you & you may not get the desired result.

Despite your best tries & intentions, due to unavoidable & unpredictable circumstances, you may fail sometimes. Instead of longing for the picture-perfect life & results, you must accept what you have right now because maybe most people don’t have those. It is not implied that you must not try for a better life.

The point is nothing is perfect & accepting the outcomes with faults is a way to move forward in life & try for the better.

3. Excuses

Excuses are one of the things that Stop You From Achieving Your Goals. You may often hear yourself say some of these things: I’m not yet ready, it’s not the proper time, I’m too old or young, I don’t have enough time right now. When it happens, stop & think about why you are saying this.

You must realize that your mind is complicated & wants to stay in its comfort zone, doing the same old tasks on autopilot mode, & not attempting anything new. That is why it’s creating all these excuses that can often be convincing. You must eradicate them immediately. If you start to believe these excuses – you will never do anything promising with your life & will never achieve your dreams.

4. Procrastination

It’s another negative habit that prevents us from taking action toward our goals. So it’s another thing we need to renounce. Remember one thing: now is the best time to do what you wish; any other time is later, not now. The current moment is where you build your future & the only time you can be industrious & develop what you believe in.

The only solution for procrastination is to start taking action immediately, without thinking much & giving your mind time & chance to create some excuses without being doubtful of your capabilities & fearing failure. Just take prompt actions that will help you to push forward & get closer to your dreams.

5. Expectations

You must stop expecting so much from anyone or anything. It’s a vicious tendency that can bring huge disappointments in your life. You expect things to be in a particular way, you expect people to act like you imagine them to or like them to, & whenever things don’t be that way, you feel upset & lose any urge to take action.

Throw away these dreams you have, eradicate the pictures you play in your head of how things should be, & accept them at their natural essence. In the meantime, keep doing what you know must be done.

6. Lack Of Focus

Focus is your force booster. It’s how you can apply your focused effort to produce excellent results. When you spread your focus too much, you scatter your effort, & then you don’t have the focus or motivation to make the change you need.

Whenever somebody fails to attain their goals, the big questions are: what’s on their plate & how well are they focusing on their goals? In about every case, they have too much going on, & experiment in a lot of areas. They haven’t thrown away the nonessentials. They haven’t decided which is less vital & which is most vital. They just took any one of their goals & hoped that things would work out fine.

Distractions, crises, and unavoidable circumstances may arise at any given moment. But lacking or losing focus can cost you dearly. Focus on development over perfection & use the positive feedback you get to adapt & alter your approach while moving forward with your goals.

7. Distractions

There will always be people who will doubt your abilities & make you feel hopeless if you listen to them. There will also be several temptations on your path to success. Many of these temptations may seem pleasant but futile activities.

You may often feel that life is unjust because others can have so much time and can enjoy or buy whatever they wish & you can’t. But that’s only sometimes true. You are stuck in a 10-5 job & don’t have time to enjoy a vacation & you start to think if you were an industrialist, you could pack your bag & leave. Do you know Elon Musk took his last vacation in 2015?

It is very easy to get trapped by those temporary enticements life often throws at us. We must be careful about them. Lying on a couch & watching a web series might sound excellent but think about those pending reports, projects, or presentations. Taking a break is all right, but getting carried away by those distractions is destructive.

8. Lack Of Consistency

Whatever you do to achieve your goals must be consistent. If you are someone who doesn’t have consistency in your hard work & efforts, you may not be able to achieve your goals.

Doing a particular work for a day or two & then not doing it for a week can never bring you desired success. For instance, if you went to the gym for some days to have a fit body & then stayed in a room for another week, then this will never provide you the desired result.

Is It Negative To Focus On What’s Stopping You?

It may seem negative to focus on Things That Stop You from achieving your goals but being conscious of the challenges & the hurdles that, at times, are of our own creation is the first step that will lead us toward our goals.

Just like to know the reason behind your fever, you need to do some tests; similarly, knowing about the things or factors stopping you from being successful is a vital step to eradicating those factors. Self-analysis can never be negative.


Q: Is there a single thing or many Things That Stop You?

A: They are negative tendencies; they can reside singularly within someone or with many others.

Q: Is being lazy one of the Things That Stop You?

A: Indeed, it is. A direct effect of laziness is making excuses.

Q: No matter what I do, I can’t get rid of these things; what should I do?

A: It may be a sign of something more deep-rooted disorder. A counselor may help you.

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