8 Things Successful People Ignore

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Things Successful People Ignore

Successful individuals share a typical capacity, yet it differs from your thought process. We hail them for their diligent effort, vision, & devotion, yet neglect what really separates them — a capacity and readiness to overlook Things Successful People Ignore.

Regardless of how gifted or devoted you are, your definitive achievement depends on your ability to defeat a glove of strong powers that can entice, occupy, & crash you. You don’t have to overcome these difficulties to get where you need to go — you must ignore them.

Successful People Deliberately Ignore These Things

Things Successful People Ignore

1. Negative Criticism

Criticism is a thing that helps our development. But all forms of criticism are not helpful. Constructive criticism allows us to recognize our faults, shortcomings, and weaknesses.

By inviting honest criticism, we can identify the areas of our lives we need to rectify or develop. But negative criticism doesn’t bear any utility. It just tries to destroy your spirit, motivation & positivity. Therefore, negative criticism is one of the Things Successful People Ignore consciously.

Successful people ignore all the things that don’t help them develop. Criticizing & mocking Cristiano Ronaldo about his dribbling is easy. Even a man who hasn’t kicked a football in his lifetime can do that. But that doesn’t help him. Therefore, he deliberately ignores such criticism.

2. Judgments Of Others

It’s alright to pay attention to other people, yet not at the full cost of your instinct. All through your life, there will be ordinarily when the world gets genuinely tranquil & the main thing left is the thump of your own heart.

So, you would be advised to gain proficiency with its sound if you need help comprehending everything it’s saying to you.

At the point when you invest a lot of energy focusing on every other person’s view of you, or who every other person maintains that you should be, you, in the long run, need to remember who you really are.

So, don’t fear the decisions of others; you know in your heart what your identity is and what’s consistent with you.

You don’t need to be another person to dazzle & motivate individuals. Allow them to be overwhelmed & motivated by the genuine YOU. Truly, why does life make a difference if you lose yourself en route?

Indeed, even your guides ought to show you HOW to think, not WHAT to think. If somebody is deprecating your reality, it may be an ideal opportunity to turn the alternate way.

3. Trollers & Haters

In this age of social media & online mudslinging, trolling, and haters have become a common obnoxious element. They do nothing but try to mock you & spew venom about whatever you are doing.

Their sole purpose is grabbing people’s attention by belittling your success & fame, as personally, they are incapable of achieving that level of success or fame.

Therefore, it is wise not to entertain trollers & haters. Arguing with these people is like wrestling a pig in the mud. You will get dirty but eventually find out the pig is enjoying it.

These trollers & haters may make offensive memes and videos to harm your image, but their capability will halt when they find out you are not paying attention to them.

If in the modern age, these trollers would have trolled Wassily Kandinsky as his paintings would have been beyond their comprehension or William Shakespeare for using too hard language.

4. Past Troubles

You can’t change what has previously occurred, so decide to look forward rather than behind you. Try not to push. Put forth a valiant effort. Disregard the rest. Your previous oversights are intended to direct you, not characterize you.

Life is a lovely circle. You’re solid since you know your shortcomings. You’re wise since you’ve been silly. You can giggle now since you’ve known misery.

It’s insane how you generally end up where you’re intended to be — how even the most awful & unpleasant circumstances at last show you significant illustrations you never imagined you planned to learn.

Keep in mind that periodically, when things are self-destructing, they are really making sense. Since you’re not where you need to be today doesn’t mean you will not be there sometime in the future.

5. Naysayers

Successful people know How to ignore Things in Life & which things to ignore. Naysayers are one of these things you should ignore.

Whenever you are trying to do something, if it is not traditional or you are following your heart, you will find many naysayers around you. They will describe why you shouldn’t do it and why it is not good for you or not beneficial.

If you are confident about your decision & have a clear picture in your mind, ignore them. Twenty years ago, a young man trusted his guts & launched a business despite many negativities from naysayers about his small startup. Now that little startup is known as Amazon & that young man is Jeff Bezos.

Initially, there were several resistance & troubles, but when a young man launched a social networking site in February 2004, maybe he never dreamt that ‘Facebook’ would be such a phenomenon! Naysayers will say anything from their cynical point of view; ignore them.

6. Things Which Are Beyond Their Control

Force nothing. Give a valiant effort, then let it be. If it’s intended to be, it will be. Try not to hold yourself down with things you have zero control over. Quit discussing the issue & begin pondering the plan. Disregard what could turn out badly for a sec & consider common decency.

Keep in mind that change occurs, which is as it should be. Make do. It will not be great or simple from the start. However, everything will work out for the best.

At the point when times are great & everything is serene together, it’s easy to become careless and remember how talented and ingenious you are fit for being.

7. Fear

We all fear something. That is a proven fact & there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Yet, fear is one of the Things Successful People Ignore. They know fear is a thing that is stopping them from reaching their goals or working to their full potential.

Some fears are valid, but some fears are based on unfounded assumptions. Successful people ignore their fears and constantly try to overcome them. Fear is a shackle to your feet with which neither you can run long nor run at your full speed.

8. Success Of Others

It doesn’t matter how your companions, partners, or contenders are doing — their prosperity doesn’t block you from finding success. Achievement is undoubtedly not a lost situation — the number of individuals who can encounter it is boundless.

The more you harp on what’s going on for other people, the more awful off you’ll be for it.

Some Books To Help You Ignore Irrelevant Things

There are many Things Successful People Ignore. To understand & practice those, reading these books can be helpful:

  • Stupid On Purpose: The Art of Ignoring Good Advice, Doing Whatever The Heck You Want, and Actually Enjoying Your Life by Mark Messick.
  • Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod.
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson.
  • Ignore It! by Catherine Pearlman.
  • Not Nice by Dr. Aziz Gazipura.
  • You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero.
  • The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight.
  • F**k It Therapy by John C Parkin.


Q: Does ignoring things portray me as an arrogant person?

A: Ignoring trivial or fruitless things is vital to go ahead in life & ignoring those is not arrogant. It is being wise.

Q: Is ignoring the opinions of others wise?

A: Ignoring other opinions is not wise; you should be open to creative & positive opinions as well as cynical & demoralizing opinions.

Q: What if I have naysayers in my family or friends circle?

A: Being in a family or friend circle doesn’t make one your well-wisher. Naysayers can’t be your well-wishers.

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