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8 Strategies to Deal with Your Weaknesses

Strategies to Deal with Your Weaknesses.

Mental and emotional health is indispensable to your overall health and well-being. Managing emotions and maintaining emotional balance is a significant skill. When you manage your emotional health, it helps you to face challenges & stress. A lack of emotional directive skills can lead to poor mental health & difficulty in personal & professional relationships. In this era of speed & competition, it is not uncommon to feel weakness. Sometimes, we don’t even want to get out of bed. When weakness engulfs us, we lose motivation & willingness. In today’s article, we will discuss Strategies to Deal with Your Weaknesses.

Ways to Overcome Weakness

Strategies to Deal with Your Weaknesses.

1. Practice Meditation

Try to meditate once a day if you can meditate. If you are feeling severe anxiety, meditation might be difficult. Your heart might be beating too heavily, or you might be experiencing uncontainable tremors which make sitting – and keeping your mind calm – hard. If you can’t practice meditation, then don’t. But maybe, once a day, give it a shot.

Focusing your attention on sounds can be helpful if the feelings or sensations in your body are too stressful. Mindful walking can be beneficial if sitting straight feels too painful. If all this fails, you can turn off the lights in your bedroom, & stare into the darkness – sitting or lying down. The sensory deprivation of the outer world will help calm your mind & body.

When you meditate, try to integrate cultivation practices. Meditate on what you are thankful for in your life. When we are in trouble, it is good to remember the good things still there in our life. Also, provide yourself compassion for what you are going through – offer yourself all the love you need. One of the great Ways to Overcome Weakness is to practice anticipatory joy by visualizing things you want to have in the future.

2. Manage Your Stress

Like everyone else, you may have specific triggers that cause stress. You can try to evade a stressful situation, but when you don’t have any option but to face the event or person that causes you to stress, you have to find a way to cope with it. If you know you get stressed by interviews or exams, you must learn how to put them in perspective & not let them become life-defining some event for you because your interviews or exams are something you will have to face. It is one of the best Strategies to Deal with Your Weaknesses.

In some cases, evading stress-generating situations may work, but you must differentiate between when you can avoid them & when you cannot. So hatch up your strategy to manage stress so you can take better care of yourself. This could be like talking to a friend, believing in yourself, reassessing & reinterpreting your state, meditating, going for a comfortable walk, listening to music, & exercising, to name a few.

3. Practice Self-Compassion

If you want to get better, weaknesses aren’t fun. Also, there are many different reasons why people weaknesses. Some weaknesses can arise due to work burnout, which will, most of the time, pass. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

However, other weaknesses may not pass as easily, mainly if the origin of the weaknesses stems from a chronic mental health malady like depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia.

Not only do those mental health disorders exhaust & burn us out, but they also frequently make it extremely hard to stay positive – a quality that in our society seems to be a must-have. However, how can one stay so favorable if the same ailment one has been diagnosed with doesn’t let a person remain positive or rational?

Whether we face weaknesses due to work burnout, a chronic mental ailment, a death of a near & dear one, or another chronic disease, we can select to treat ourselves with self-compassion. To be patient with ourselves, to let ourselves be angry, anxious, or depressed & to offer ourselves all the love & care that we need. It is one of the best Strategies to Deal with Your Weaknesses.

4. Spend Time with People Whose Company You Enjoy

Spending time with people you love & get comfortable with provides you with a sense of being valued & appreciated. Having a healthy relationship with your friends, family, colleagues, & neighbors can develop your sense of emotional well-being & give you a feeling of connection.

Have lunch with a colleague or make plans to meet some friends you haven’t met. Spending quality time with someone in person – if this is a choice – is often better than dropping a text or video calling them.

5. Recognize Your Strengths, Weaknesses, & Boundaries

Recognize your strengths & work on your weaknesses. Accepting that you have some weaknesses, just like everyone else, is a significant factor in your mental & emotional well-being. Set convincing goals & intentionally choose to participate in positive activities. Try to surround yourself with people who push towards your goal rather than distract you.  

6. Communicate Your Needs

While going through weakness, we don’t have the energy we generally have. It might be difficult for us to pay those bills, clean our home, & manage other essential tasks. In times like these, we must seek help from our friends & family.

Though only some of us are good at seeking help, & only some of the friends that we have are selfless enough to provide help. During some weaknesses, we already feel brittle enough, so having to feel saddened because some friend lets us down should be avoided by all means.

Therefore, make a list of friends in your mind & select the ones you think will be willing to support you. Let those people one by one know about your situation & ask for their help. Let them know gently if they say or do things that may hurt or irritate you. Only some people know how to deal with someone in those challenging situations, but most are willing to listen and learn.

7. Self-Care

One positive way to treat weakness is to indulge in self-care. Try to let go of guilt & offer yourself everything you need. If you can afford it, call a massage therapist at your home as often. Buy yourself some fresh flowers once a week & put them next to your bed. Listen to your favorite songs & sing along if you feel like it. Watch all the movies you have wanted but have yet to have time to. Have as many warm baths as you want. Meditate & use cultivation practices to feel good. Please list the good things you have always wanted to do & go for them.

8. Seek Medical Help

In the midst of weakness, all we want is to just stay in bed. We like to hide from the world. We might feel physically & mentally weak, we might experience terrible social anxiety which stops us from leaving our house, or we might feel too depressed to leave bed. We may hope, that if we just give things a bit of time, that we will feel better soon. While for some of us that might be true, most of us still require professional help.

A doctor might prescribe you medication to help you get out of the weakness or depression & a therapist may be able to help you with speaking therapy. Try to find one that includes mindfulness. You do not need to get through this on your own. There is plenty of help out there.


There can be several reasons behind weaknesses. They are unique for each individual. But there are some simple yet effective Strategies to Deal with Your Weaknesses that can address almost any kind of weakness. We cannot allow weakness to take a toll on our productivity & ruin the chance of our success.

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