Side Hustle Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Side Hustle Mistakes

Whether it’s a creative interest or a company idea you want to pursue, a side hustle can be a terrific way to earn additional revenue from what you love. However, the reality is that managing a side job and a career can be challenging. For this reason, we’ve outlined people’s most common side hustle mistakes when working on personal projects and provided advice on preventing them.

Common Side Hustle Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

1. You Haven’t Researched Enough

Any successful businessperson, or even those who were side hustlers, will tell you that they learned their lessons the hard way. Naturally, this is how most people discover what side money generation methods are effective and ineffective.

However, that only indicates that you should go into something after thinking it through first.

Do research before implementing any ideas you have, even if they are just for a side business. Look at your target audiences and the competition to see what you can do to stand out and add more or different value.

2. Too Much Money Spent Up Front

Side Hustle Mistakes

Even though your side business has the potential to generate a sizable amount of income, you want to be careful to only overinvest in it after a while. There is nothing wrong with believing in yourself and your ability to succeed in your side business, but you must first be sure you can turn this into a profit.

The worst thing you can do is use all your funds or borrow money to invest in a side business that later turns out unprofitable or less popular than you first believed. Starting up may require some upfront expenses, which is perfectly good and expected. Try to spend only a little money on your side business at first if you need more experience and are learning as you go.

Instead, it would help if you made a minimal investment and first generated interest in your side business. If it continues to develop and you can demonstrate ROI, consider investing more money to expand it.

3. Failing to Set Your Priorities

Side Hustle Mistakes

Not prioritizing your side hustle is another typical side hustle mistake. A side business is usually something you do in your free time, on weekends, or after work. And to succeed with the majority of side businesses, you’ll need to manage several various factors. However, with so many jobs, you must organize your time and decide which ones will help you make progress.

In general, there is no chance you will be able to achieve everything conceivable and as ideally as you desire because you are not working on this full-time.

Instead, you should plan your approach and select the key elements that you believe will have the most significant impact.

You can’t become deeply involved with several small jobs, yet only some things you prioritize will be successful. Pick a few tasks you can complete successfully; if one goes differently than planned, drop it and change your priorities.

4. Copying what Others Have Done

It is one of the common side hustle mistakes. You’ve seen the cheesy advertisements on YouTube or Facebook from people praising their success in a side business and promising you can have it too. You can still follow their lead even if you see some honest people advertising.

You should choose a side business that interests you and gets you excited for it to be successful. It’s possible that you already enjoy performing it or have talent at it. Instead of choosing something because it was profitable for someone else, choose something you are passionate about.

5. Lack of Task Organization for Maximum ROI

Making every decision based solely on your head is frequently a mistake that side hustlers make. In other words, you choose your tasks for your side project at random each day. Similar to the last point about priorities, you must be highly organized in the duties you complete every day.

There will be little things that could be more vital with most side businesses. There are numerous jobs in your company, but they occupy time and need to develop it. Furthermore, you should find out how much time you are wasting on activities that do not maximize your return on investment.

The greatest thing you can do is put all your strategies, assignments, and other things that need to be done into a spreadsheet. By doing so, you may see every task that needs to be completed while determining which ones are genuinely time-worthy. It can help you determine whether digital solutions can automate duties or outsource some of them, so you don’t have to.

6. You don’t separate the finances from your side business and personal life

A common side hustle mistake is not keeping your personal and business money separate, regardless of whether your side hustle is providing a service or earning money online. For accounting and tax reasons, you should keep these parts of your side business distinct, even if you are the only employee.

You’ll need a valid business checking account to be correctly set up where any income from your side of the business would go.

Additionally, all costs associated with your side business should be paid out of your business checking account rather than your one.

7. Spending all your extra money

It might be rewarding to increase your income. However, it would help if you thought about what you’re doing with your earnings. It is not the best idea to spend all the additional money you earn without setting up an emergency fund, saving for a future vacation, or spending some of it on essential costs. Consider where your extra cash is going to improve your quality of life.

8. Giving up early

You could become irritated and give up too early on your side hustle journey. Before you can decide if a side hustle is an appropriate fit for you, it usually takes some time to get into the rhythm of things and try it. If you give up too soon, you can take advantage of an excellent chance. Give it some time, and remember that this is all part of the learning process.


You’ll probably make some side hustle mistakes while starting a new side business, and that’s quite natural. However, you can avoid typical difficulties from developing into significant concerns by doing homework and studying. You can more readily maximize your side business by creating a plan for your money and a reliable accounting system.

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