8 Reasons You Should Never Force Anyone To Talk To You

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Reasons You Should Never Force Anyone

You know how it feels when you want to chat with someone on Messenger or WhatsApp, but they leave your messages on view. It’s just horrendous! What comes after that? You send them another text & keep checking your phone all day, but they don’t respond. To receive a single response from them, you go insane and contact them over several social media platforms & phones. If you have those urges, remember there are Reasons You Should Never Force Anyone to talk to you.

Do you truly believe that imposing talks on people would help keep them in your life? Of course not! If you want to develop real friendships or good relationships in your life, you should Never Force Anyone To Talk To You.

Forcing Anyone To Talk is Neither Polite Nor Healthy For Following Reasons

1. You Lose Respect

The main result of pressuring someone into a conversation with you is that you lose their respect. Even if you are aware of their frequent signs that they are not interested in having you in their lives, you persist in pursuing them despite their repeated signals to the contrary. What happens next, do you know?

They believe you are unworthy of any respect & give the impression that you don’t respect other people’s decisions. They view you as an unrestrained creep who loves to meddle in the private lives of others & has no regard for their privacy rights.

It’s stern, but it’s the truth. Therefore, you should Never Force Anyone To Talk To You.

2. You Seem Desperate

Every time you try to push a discussion, the other person will feel that you are overly clinging & desperate. They believe that you are looking for a company because they are the next on your list since they believe you have no one to listen to your thoughts because no one likes you.

They develop the impression that you are a bad person to be around & that they won’t like you either when they immediately come to the conclusion that “nobody likes you.”

3. You Appear Awkward Than Extrovert

If you consider yourself an extrovert, ask yourself, “Do you love talking to new people?” Without a doubt, you would say “yes.” 

However, have you ever thought to see if other people are as interested in conversing with you or not? Nope? Then you may have noticed that several people frequently ghost you! All is well until one day when you try to contact them & they simply don’t respond.

Even if it’s just your nature, they find it exceedingly strange when you try to get “too close too early,” which is when your extrovert personality becomes problematic.

Therefore, if you are an extrovert, watch out for forcing people to chat with you without their consent & be aware of the Reasons You Should Never Force Anyone.

4. It May Make Relationships Worse

Relationships should be enjoyable, uplifting, & thrilling.  Sadly, tracking someone down to have a conversation with us is not one of those things.  Additionally, it is not enjoyable for the other person either.  As you approach them to talk, they will become angrier with you & the relationship will turn sour.

Forcing communication with someone who is irritated with you won’t solve the problem.

Pushing further invites new issues into the partnership.  When someone feels cornered in a circumstance, they frequently engage in retaliatory ways, which only serves to worsen the problem. It is the Reasons You Should Never Force Anyone.

5. They Stop Valuing You

People don’t value you when you force them to talk to you because they think you’re eager to chat with them. Thus, they don’t see your value. They don’t regard you as a priority; instead, they treat you as a possible option with whom they could pass the time if they are bored.

The other person is aware that you are readily available to them at all times & that they may simply contact you. When you need them the most, though, they don’t even bother you.

Only pressuring someone to talk to you is a good idea if you want them to respect and treat you fairly. Preserving your value is one of the Reasons You Should Never Force Anyone.

6. It Feels Unnatural

It usually comes naturally when a friendship or romantic relationship is going well. Things click, & everything is “clicking on all cylinders.”  If there is a spark between the two of you, there is enthusiasm, & the talk flows effortlessly like a wild stream.

If you have to compel a conversation with someone, it is uncomfortable & hurtful.  Nothing about it is smooth.  Additionally, you might need to be patient & let things unfold organically. You’re expecting too much too soon.

7. You Damage Your Self-Image

As you are aware, when you make someone talk to you, they start to avoid you & leave your life. When it does, you start looking for the cause of your abandonment & realize it was your fault in the end.

You can name every defect & flaw in yourself. Furthermore, you start to speak negatively to yourself & turn into your own worst enemy. You begin to believe that you are unworthy of love & of having friendly people in your life.

Ultimately, your perception of yourself is severely damaged & hits its lowest point. Never Force Anyone To Talk To You if you don’t want to end up in such a pitiful circumstance.

8. It Shows You Don’t Have Any Option

When you try to force someone to talk to you, you might turn them off.  They assume you have no genuine options, so they think this.  If you did, you wouldn’t make such an effort to communicate with them & develop a relationship.

Instead, it gives off the impression that you are codependent, depressed, & seeking to talk to them because no one else is interested in talking to you.

In addition, they believe that if you had other options, you wouldn’t spend so much time & effort attempting to win their favor.  Therefore, you should constantly be optimistic even when you have few options. 

When You Should Force Someone To Talk

There are many Reasons You Should Never Force Anyone. In most cases, you shouldn’t try to compel someone to talk to you. However, there are a few situations where it is possible to force discussions. They are as follows:

When You & Your Partner Are Conflicting: Every partnership has disagreements. However, a crisis is created when these disagreements result in severe interpersonal issues. They might develop into a serious misunderstanding that would negatively affect your relationship over time or even cause it to end.

If you sense that your partner is upset with you, put your anger & ego aside and make an effort to make things right between you two.

When The Other Person Needs Support: When depressed or experiencing emotional distress, some people tend to become more reserved. They are unable to communicate their feelings. They want someone to be with them at these times because they feel trapped, yet they are unable to ask for assistance.

When It’s Your Fault: There are occasions when you realize you made a mistake & don’t apologize to the other person. The other person cuts you off, but you feel that bending down in front of them will damage your reputation. What follows as a consequence? Some of your most genuine friendships & relationships end!

You can compel them to talk to you & apologies to them if you want to keep some of the most important individuals in your life. Allow them to express their displeasure, rage, & feelings toward you. Don’t just blurt out anything & be patient as they speak.


Q: What to do if someone is forcing me to talk?

A: Let them know politely that you have other things to do or are not interested in talking to them.

Q: How to draw the line when talking to someone?

A: Notice their responses, verbal & non-verbal cues. If they are interested in talking to you, they will continue talking. Suppose they are not, bid farewell.

Q: How do you know if someone wants to talk to me if we chat online?

A: Their replies will be quick & responses will be open-ended.

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