8 Reasons Why Curiosity is Important for Success

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Reasons Why Curiosity is Important

“Why?” Parents & teachers both dread and like hearing such questions from children. We fear it because, well, occasionally, we don’t know the response, or we’re too lazy or pressed for time to think of a nice one. But we typically try our best since we know that learning depends on curiosity. We are also aware of the Reasons Why Curiosity is Important.

But did you realize that curiosity has advantages that go beyond intellect? Curiosity has been associated with psychological, emotional, social, and even health advantages for both kids & adults.

Some Compelling Reasons Why Curiosity is Beneficial

Reasons Why Curiosity is Important

1. Intelligence, Emotion & Curiosity Are Linked

Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a professor of business psychology at University College London, has identified three crucial attributes to successfully handle modern life’s complexity in a piece for the Harvard Business Review. Intellectual acuity & emotional intelligence are the first two.

Information density in complex contexts necessitates greater mental effort or purposeful thought. Like how gigabytes measure a computer’s capacity, our IQ measures our mental capability.

People with high IQs are better equipped to recognize & address more problems. A key predictor of performance on complicated tasks is intelligence.

However, research demonstrates that employing our intellect alone won’t guarantee success. If we want others to support us, we also need to have strong interpersonal & soft skills.

Since we need to control our emotions, thoughts, & behavior to succeed, emotional intelligence is crucial to mental toughness.

2. We Exist Due To Our Curiosity

Our survival is one of the Reasons Why Curiosity is Important. It may be because of this need to explore & seek novelty that our brains have evolved to produce dopamine and other feel-good chemicals when we come across new things.

This urge to explore & seek novelty helps us stay alert and learn about our constantly changing surroundings.

3. You Become a More Interesting Person If You’re Curious

Your success depends on your curiosity; being interested makes you seem more clever & fascinating to others. Your curiosity will be seen as intelligent by others.

Curious people have active minds. Curiosity is a mental activity that strengthens our brains since the mind is like a muscle that becomes stronger with regular training. According to studies, people acquire material more effectively when interested in the subject.

George Loewenstein discovered that curiosity necessitates some degree of previous knowledge in his study The Psychology of Curiosity from 1994. According to his studies, we are not naturally fascinated by subjects about which we are completely ignorant.

The moment we discover even the slightest amount about a topic or subject, however, this changes; our interest is peaked & we want to learn more. As we learn more, our curiosity grows.

4. Achievement is Boosted by Curiosity

The answer to Why Curiosity is Essential For Success is it boosts achievements. According to studies, curiosity increases learning, engagement, and performance at work as well as enjoyment & involvement in school.

It also increases academic attainment. Although it may seem obvious, it is simpler to become involved, put out effort, and perform better when we are more intrigued & interested in what we are doing.

5. Curiosity Aids Learning

We start learning about something only when we are curious. It is needless to point out the significance of learning in our lives. Personal or professional lives, we cannot move forward without learning.

Learning creates our career. We learn something by heart only when we are curious about it.

People who got curious after the arrival of computers tried to learn things about them. Maybe some of them are software engineers or developing AI to proceed further.

People who got curious about stars & moon may now be working at NASA to unravel the mysteries of this universe. They learned those because they got curious.

6. Curiosity Makes One Great Listener

People who are curious make good listeners. They are not interested in trivial conversations. They are curious about you. In a pub or on transport, they are the ones who are most likely to start a discussion with a stranger.

Curious people may initiate a conversation but tend to listen more than talk. They try to learn about a person or topic by dedicating their full attention to the speaker.

We all know listening skills are one of the vital soft skills required for success. Developing listening skills is one of the Reasons Why Curiosity is Important.

7. The Right Message is Conveyed Via Curiosity

Sending the appropriate message is a continual requirement for anybody who leads, runs a business, or owns a small company. It’s crucial to understand that you’d rather ask the appropriate questions that seem you already know the answers.

When the focus is on having all the answers, this too frequently flip-flops, which is a surefire recipe for inaction. Try Predictive Success if you ever need a pre-hire assessment or to keep your team motivated.

A recent article in the Harvard Business Review reported that 65% of workers polled felt unable to ask questions at work. Ironically, while 84% of respondents stated their bosses supported curiosity, 60% said there were obstacles at work.

Every company owner, entrepreneur, & leader values curiosity. If it weren’t, new endeavors wouldn’t be alluring. We see people and organizations for who they genuinely are and market trends when we keep a strong sense of curiosity & ask questions.

8. Social Relationships Are Developed by Curiosity

According to Anthony Robbins, a motivational speaker, “the quality of your life is directly proportional to the quality of your relationships.” In friendships, curiosity is something we all cherish. People interested in your life will be kind, helpful, & genuinely concerned about your happiness.

According to a University of Buffalo research, an individual’s level of curiosity affects both their personal development & how intimately they become involved with new people.

According to the study, people’s level of curiosity affects how strong of a bond they make when they meet someone new. That’s Why Curiosity is Essential For Success.

Some Signs of Curious People

There are several Reasons Why Curiosity is Important. One can identify a curious person by these signs:

  • They are storytellers.
  • They are fond of adventures & willing to take risks.
  • They ask excellent & appropriate questions.
  • They have an inherent sense of wonder.
  • They have a great imagination.
  • They are very creative & excellent problem-solvers.
  • They are life-long learners.
  • They are really friendly.
  • They network well.
  • They are wise & empathic.


Q: Is being curious equal to being nosey?

A: Nothing is ‘too much,’ okay. One must learn to respect & identify boundaries, or curiosity will be considered nosey.

Q: Why do they say,’ curiosity killed the cat’?

A: Because the proverbial cat forgot to respect boundaries or identify them.

Q: Do we need to be cautious & curious?

A: Curiosity is fine, but we need to be cautious for our safety. For example, you are curious how the cracker will blow after lighting it up. Take caution before igniting it.

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