8 Mindset Shifts That Will Boost Your Success

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Mindset Shifts

They differ from everyone else because of how their minds function. This is a theme that pervades all areas of their lives, from how they perceive themselves to how they connect with others to how they prepare for success. Some Mindset Shifts can speed up your chance of success up to 10X speed.

The way you approach each circumstance depends on your mindset. When you are open and optimistic, you can identify opportunities in every circumstance.

You significantly restrict your experience to the worst elements of any given circumstance when you approach it with a closed or pessimistic perspective. Positive thinking expands the range of options, whilst negative thinking limits them.

Some Mindset Shifts for Success

1. Believe in Yourself

The self-perception that people have is a big part of what keeps them from moving forward. And what is one of the widespread notions?

Feeling that you are inadequate, unworthy, or undeserving. You were born enough, despite whatever makes you feel inadequate. You are amazingly deserving of love, fulfilment, and achievement.

People need what you provide to the world because there is only one of you. Every aspect of you is distinctive. You possess a superpower. You are sufficient. Some part of you, deep down, knows this to be true, even if you may not be ready to accept it just yet.

2. Time is Precious

This one of the Mindset Shifts takes realizing the value of time. A day can never have enough hours in it. There are many tasks on your to-do list, and you want to or need to get them all done. Enough is enough. Don’t do everything. Focus on the important stuff.

But being productive doesn’t mean being too busy. When we’re busy, we tend to jump from one important task to another. Those tasks are usually urgent because they come with a time limit, but they don’t usually have a significant impact on our long-term objectives.

3. Believe In What is Possible

It won’t happen if you don’t think you can accomplish it. Therefore, you must first think that you can live the life of your dreams. Everyone once thought that running a mile in under four minutes was physically impossible. The human body, they claimed, was powerless, and your heart would blow up.

Someone set a nine-year record by running it in 4:01 in the 1940s. Finally, Roger Bannister ran the mile in 3:59.4 in May 1954, shattering the 4-minute barrier.

Hard effort, training, and desire alone did not achieve this. Roger’s belief that it was feasible led to its occurrence. He had confidence in his ability to do the task. By picturing the result, he practiced.

John Landy, an Australian, ran it in 3:58 less than six weeks later. More individuals started achieving the previously unthinkable every year after that.

More than 1,400 people have already completed the 4-minute mile. Barrister changed people’s perceptions of what was possible, which led to other people starting to think the same way. They couldn’t when they felt they couldn’t, but they succeeded when they believed they could.

Each of us may say the same. Is the aim, vision, or intention you have for your ideal life realistic? If so, you are already well on your way to achieving your goal! The probability of you realizing your ambitions, however, is minimal if doubt or skepticism are permeating your head.

4. Believe In Your Rationality & Common Sense

The power of Mindset Shifts enables you to believe in your rationality & common sense. Never believe something because someone ‘said so’.

If you Google ‘Mindset Shifts That Will Boost Your Success; you will come across a number of articles that will tell you to believe in ‘God’ or some higher power. Instead, believe in your logical power.

Many things are happening in the world that are unexplainable. Many things were unexplainable five thousand years ago. With education, rationality & logic, humanity has deciphered most of the mysteries of the world.

At the beginning of civilization, people used to worship thunder, fire, rain & various natural phenomena. With the advancement of our knowledge, we know now why thunder & lightning happen. It is not because of some Norse God wields his hammer.

5. Don’t Wait Until You Feel Prepared

Fear frequently tries to buy us more time. We promise ourselves that we will begin “when.” This occurs frequently when we have more time, knowledge, or resources, among other things. However, it is likely that you’ll never feel ready.

Ask any parent in the world if they felt prepared to have children, and they will all emphatically say no. We have no option but to learn some things as we go along on the job. You don’t really need to have everything planned out, after all.

It is optional for you to anticipate every move you make. Just be aware of what you should do next. Start there, and then do something crucial.

6. Realize True Happiness Doesn’t Come from Material Things

This one of the crucial Mindset Shifts is vital for your happiness. No matter what you think & this consumerism-driven media advertise, you can’t buy happiness.

Maybe you were happy after buying that pair of sports shoes or the newest model of iPhone, but maybe those beloved shoes of yours are gathering dust & Apple has already launched new models of iPhone.

Think about a moment when you were truly happy. It may be when you had a grand feast with your friends/ family, or a puppy came to you wagging its little tail & licked your hands. These moments of happiness can’t be bought.

To attain true happiness, instead of running behind materialistic things, look inside. Often, sources of true happiness are free.

7. You Are Free To Change Your Mind or Start Over

While a plan is something to strive for, it is adaptable rather than fixed. You may approach things with curiosity rather than anticipation when you view your thoughts and deeds as an experiment, an opportunity, or an adventure.

Although perseverance is frequently necessary for success, this perseverance need not be unwavering. Maintaining resilience requires adapting as well. You may thus start over if you change your mind. Success and happiness don’t come along once in a lifetime. Routes go on forever.

8. Realize Success Is Not Linear

There isn’t truly an ultimate objective in life. In life, there isn’t truly an ultimate goal; we don’t just suddenly cross the finish line. We cannot achieve the highest level as in a video game. We don’t arrive at the finish line and instantly become the “winners” & grab the crown.

At the end of the rainbow, there is no pot of gold to be found. It’s not a movie where we’re striving for a good outcome. There will always be hiccups along the way, regardless of the path you choose. Every day, week, month, and year along that journey, the terrain will appear drastically differently.

You can see a temporary decline in your degree of “success” in life. They might yet rise again, though. There will be a variety of paths to success. It’s more of an up-and-down trip for the majority of us.

However, we must have the ability to endure both the peaks and the valleys. Realizing this can unleash the Power of Mindset Shifts for you.

It’s All About Mindsets

Do you respond to new challenges with confidence because you know that with patience, perseverance, and practice, you can succeed? Or do you often find yourself doubting your aptitude, ability, and drive?

Do you think that failing is just a part of the process? Or do you shy away from challenges to keep your dignity intact? Do you reevaluate and keep going after failures and criticism, or do you quit to maintain your face?

What kind of attitude a person possesses may be determined by how they understand and respond to such questions. There are two types of mindsets: fixed & growth. To embrace the power of Mindset Shifts, you should adopt a growth mindset.

Some traits of a fixed mindset are:

  • Intelligence and talent are stagnant.
  • Avoid difficulties as much as possible.
  • Quitting before failing is acceptable (even preferred).
  • The futility of effort.
  • Ignores constructive criticism and feedback and sees success as a threat from other people.

Some traits of a growth mindset are:

  • You can improve your intelligence and talent.
  • Accepts obstacles as a way to advance.
  • Failure provides an opportunity to grow.
  • Work leads to achievement and mastery.
  • Use input and criticism to develop.
  • Gleans inspiration and knowledge from the accomplishments of others.


Q: Success depends on mindset. Does happiness depend on it, too?

A: Of course, it does. The definition of happiness comes from your mindset.

Q: Are there any books that can help me to shift my mindset?

A: Many books can help you to change your mindset. Some of them are:

  • The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris.
  • The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown.
  • Start With Why by Simon Sinek.
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear.
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.
  • Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.

Q: Is changing mindset healthy?

A: If your current mindset is taking you nowhere & you are stuck in a rut, it is advisable to change your mindset.

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