7 Ways To Become More Efficient in Life

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Ways To Become More Efficient

Everyone wants to be more efficient. Just imagine you can spend less time doing unappealing things & more on the things that bring you satisfaction, happiness & profit. Some people are actually very proficient at efficiency. They handle every controllable moment so they can have more time for themselves to do the things they love & profitable for them. To invite & attain that much efficiency, try these Ways To Become More Efficient.

Ways To Become More Efficient

Ways To Become More Efficient

1. Stop Multitasking

Many people trick themselves into thinking they are experts in multitasking. But a handful of them can focus on more than one or two tasks, specifically if they need focus & depth. They trick themselves into believing they are doing more, but in reality, they are getting less & the quality of the outcome is poor.

Actually, efficient people know that devoted effort to minimizing distractions causes better work results faster. Otherwise, the work may not be up to standard, which means investing even more time & energy to fix the mistakes made due to lack of focus.

2. Create A Vision For Your Life

So many people fail to be efficient & fail to try to accomplish more & more of those small, daily works because they need a remarkable, long-term vision for what life they want. This happens because people try to be too particular about their wishes instead of focusing their life vision on values, feelings & “grand vision” items.

The first, most vital thing you need to do to explore Ways To Become More Efficient is sit down & note down an ultimate vision for your life. Think about what you want to feel, what you want to do every day, who you want to live with, & how you want to invest your time & resources. Note them in a notebook, or type them on a document & print it out. Revise them often.

3. Delegate Tasks

So much efficiency can be lost when people take on more than they can achieve. Refrain from being inspired by CEOs & renowned persons who overload themselves & burn the midnight oil. That may cause burnout.

Efficient people are really skilled at delegating tasks to others who can do them better. When you have knowledge of breaking down a task & inspire others to contribute effort, you can choose the tasks most suitable for you & produce results of a higher level without distraction.

4. Find Out What’s Not Working

Frequently, what’s not working in our lives isn’t what causes us the most pain; it’s what makes us feel down & unmotivated.

Pain can often be seen as positive, as it can work toward most of our goals. Pain & discomfort often aren’t the things we try to avoid. But bitterness, indifference & a lack of motivation are. Those are the revealing signs that you’re not doing something you’re really interested in, & you must reassess those things.

5. Communicate Properly

Poor communication is one of the massive time-wasters. A hurried email with sufficient or correct instructions or some offensive attitude can cause many issues in our personal & professional lives. Those who master efficiency take a little extra time to consider & reconsider their communication in the beginning.

They think about their objectives when talking on the phone. They draft their emails purposely using the exact language needed to produce the desired effect. It takes a little effort at the beginning but can save you a lot of time & from a lot of trouble. Proper communication is one of the key answers to How To Become More Efficient in Life.

6. Use Past Mistakes As Lessons

Instead of beating yourself up for when you were wrong or acted poorly, use your past mistakes as a manual for what not to do in particular & similar situations.

If you’re unhappy with where a particular course of action has gotten you, that’s precious knowledge & lesson to have. Instead of considering it like a moral failing or a narration of your lack of worth or ability, recognize & appreciate that you were willing to take risks & attempt new things, & move forward with even more understanding of what you do & don’t care about, & what works in your life & what’s not.

7. Plan Projects

A good effort is often wasted when people need a clear plan to succeed. Edginess is the direct enemy of effectiveness. Truly efficient people understand they must take the time to research & break down a project’s small manageable steps to achieve success steadily.

Yes, planning can take some time. But thinking about the challenges, process & responsibilities beforehand will show a clear direction to you. With good communication & proper planning, everyone can move forward assuredly & proficiently to attain all the objectives in record time.

Some Habits Of Highly Efficient People

Not only exploring Ways To Become More Efficient, highly efficient people form & practice some habits which make them more productive. Here are some of them:

They are Proactive: More than just taking the initiative, being proactive, these people take responsibility for their life. Therefore, they don’t blame their behavior or failures on external factors such as circumstances & luck.

They Begin With the End in Mind: Each day of their life contributes to their vision for their life as a whole. Knowing what is vital to them means they can live their life serving what matters most. When they start something, they wish to complete it.

They Recognize Their Priorities: Highly efficient people are well aware of their priorities & act accordingly. They don’t waste time on things they consider meaningless. For less vital tasks, they prefer to delegate.

They Prefer Win/Win Approach: It’s an approach that seeks out a mutual advantage for all parties concerned. That means all agreements or solutions are equally favorable, & all parties feel satisfied with the result.

They Invite Opinions & Inputs of Others: Highly efficient people are not shy to ask for opinions & inputs from others as they know that will only improve the outcome.

They Listen to Understand, Not to Reply: As highly efficient people try to create a meaningful conversation, they pay attention to others to understand their statement, not merely respond.


Q: Is being efficient in professional life good enough?

A: Part efficiency is no efficiency at all. A highly efficient person is efficient in all aspects of life.

Q: Which is the best among Ways To Become More Efficient?

A: It is a process, a collection of simple yet effective steps. No step can be singled out.

Q: What can be achieved by being efficient?

A: Your dream goals, higher success rate & more fulfilled life can be achieved by being efficient.

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