7 Reasons To Not Give Up on Love

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Reasons to Not Give Up on Love

Have you been thinking about leaving your love life & not thinking back? You will be astounded to hear that many individuals in unacceptable connections consider doing likewise. Indeed, even individuals in effective relationships have minutes when they fight the compulsion to leave their relationship. Today, you will learn a few Reasons to Not Give Up on Love.

In certain relationships, partners abandon love when they commit a mistake. Notwithstanding, they might neglect to recall that their partner once in a while made a special effort to satisfy them. Generally, the prior second you abandon love is a touchy time you ought to treat extremely. Such periods are ready to improve you & your partner.

Consider These Before Giving Up on Love

1. Every Experience Are Not Alike

Few out of every relationship or experience is very similar, & it isn’t wise to pass judgment on affection in light of particular or disengaged circumstances. It is overwhelming to place yourself in weak circumstances, particularly assuming somebody makes you extremely upset.

Be that as it may, because you went through an excruciating experience doesn’t mean you will experience the same in the future. It additionally doesn’t ensure that you won’t experience predicaments.

This large number of experiences will make you more grounded & assist you with passing judgment on the circumstance better. Never let these terrible experiences get at the forefront of your thoughts & uncertainty yourself.

2. Your Love Motivates You

Love for your partner, parents, passion, or career motivates you like nothing does. Your love provides you the fuel to push ahead & make a better life for yourself & your loved ones, even in the bleakest hours. You will find more reasons to go ahead & make it instead of quitting and sitting down. Love is the power that encourages you to go the extra mile.

Do you remember how Professor Snape allied Dark Lord only to protect Harry, even considering the fact he might be killed someday? He didn’t hesitate to act as a double agent. That’s love. Love can make you do things you were unaware you could do. It unlocks your capabilities, skills & courage.

3. Love Teaches Various Lessons

Going through one more bombed relationship can be a baffling, grievous, & discouraging experience. In any case, recollect that timing is everything. Since that adoration is over doesn’t mean love is over for you. Rather than review your bombed relationships as exercises in futility, list all you gained from that relationship.

You figured out how to discuss your sentiments & be open to another person. You may have discovered that looks aren’t all that matters. If the relationship was harmful, perhaps you discovered that you’re more grounded than you think. Perhaps you realized what you don’t need & won’t endure in your future relationships. This is one of the vital Reasons to Not Give Up on Love.

4. Love Forms Your Personality

Another motivation behind Why You Never Give Up on Love is that it shapes your character. Have you seen that when couples are infatuated, they are probably going to embrace a few credits, which shape their general character?

Accordingly, assuming you consider abandoning relationships since they are not living up to your assumptions, recall that you advanced a few positive propensities from them. Thus, you can gauge your choices to check whether leaving the one you love is worth the effort or not.

5. Love Makes You Happier

Love enhances your life. Being loved & cherishing others satisfies us. It likewise holds us from feeling desolate as we feel more associated with our general surroundings. At the point when you give up on love, you close your ways to this multitude of awesome sentiments. You recognize a non-existing misfortune, stay in trouble, have depression & feel sadness.

This could cause you to feel narcissistic. You might become unconcerned with that inclination & have misgivings. This should not be the situation – why settle for something less when you deserve better?

Offering your life to somebody makes it substantially more gorgeous & an opportunity for growth. You won’t ever feel alone during the difficult stretches. You will have somebody to impart your triumphs & bliss too.

6. Giving Up On Love Might Change You Negatively

One answer to Why You Never Give up on Love is you could change into somebody that individuals would rather not invest energy with.

At the point when you abandon love, you might become miserable, far off, & unpleasant. Your sentiments are likely going to annoy individuals. Consequently, some might not have any desire to remain around you due to the negative energy.

You could likewise deter individuals in adoration due to what occurred to you, which can send many individuals further away from you. This is one of the most essential Reasons to Not Give Up on Love.

7. You May Not Be Committed in Your Next Relationship

One more motivation to never abandon love is you could lose some feeling of responsibility. This implies that when you begin dating another person, you may hesitate to commit again. This happens because you may not believe what occurred in your past relationship should rehash the same thing.

In this way, you might do whatever it takes not to put your feelings & yourself into cherishing your new partner, so you don’t suffer another shock.

When To Step Back

There might be hundreds of Reasons to Not Give Up on Love, but sometimes in life, we undergo a phase when we need to step back & think. Especially if it gets toxic. You will know this is the time to step back when you notice the followings:

  • Your partner is being dishonest.
  • Your partner is becoming excessively & illogically demanding.
  • Your partner is suffocating you.
  • Your partner is disrespecting &/or abusing you.
  • Your partner is not communicating properly.
  • Your partner is keeping secrets from you.
  • Your partner is making you feel trapped.
  • Your partner is becoming too controlling & jealous.
  • Your relationship is about all take, no give.
  • Your partner always finds something wrong with you.
  • You are losing self-esteem.
  • Your sense of independence has gone.
  • You feel more relaxed when your partner is not with you.


Q: What to do if my relationship gets sour?

A: Breaking up is the final solution; before you take extreme measures, try talking to each other. Consult a counsellor if required.

Q: I am being advised to give up on a relationship by my family/ friends. What should I do?

A: It is your life & you should make the final decision. Ask them why they are asking you to do that & consider whether their opinions are valid.

Q: My past relationships didn’t end up well. Should I go for another one?

A: Consider the reasons for the failure of your past relationships & try to get lessons from them. If you can rectify those, you can go for another relationship.

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