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Essential Rules for a Happy Life

The term’ Happiness’ is defined differently by different people. To some, doing what you like is happiness. To some having a wealthy life is happiness. To some having a life with beloved ones is happiness. To some, life with a purpose is happiness. Definitions may differ, but people will always be the same about Essential Rules for a Happy Life. There are some rules for leading a happy life.

What satisfies individuals? Individuals can spend their whole lives trying to track down the response to that question. Moreover, many endeavours to purchase their happiness with material belongings and search out other subtle things to satisfy them.

Nonetheless, what really makes many people most joyful in life doesn’t have anything to do with cash, things, or even private conditions. All things considered, genuine happiness comes from inside you.

Some Rules For Happy Life

1. Don’t Fight Your Past

One of the Essential Rules for a Happy Life is not to permit your past to hold you back from being happy — particularly if brimming with terrible recollections makes you hopeless when you contemplate them. Figure out how to relinquish those upsetting recollections.

Figure out how to pardon other people who have violated you previously. Regardless of whether they merit pardoning, excuse them for your own future Happiness. You won’t ever be blissful in that frame of mind if you will not wipe the slate clean with your past.

2. Recognize Money Isn’t Everything

We often falsely associate money with happiness. To lead a respectful life, money is needed. But it can’t buy happiness. Often the things that bring us happiness can’t be purchased with money.

You may argue that buying that expensive sports car made you happy. But how long were you happy with it? Six months? A year or two years?

Some new flashier model with high-tech features might come out & besides that, your most prized possession may look like a piece of junk. Would you be happy then?

Earthly possessions, something that can be bought with money, can never bring true happiness. It might get momentary satisfaction, but hunger for worldly things is insatiable.

3. Don’t Worry About Other’s Perceptions of You

You won’t ever be happy in life if you stress over others’ thoughts. This is particularly obvious if you’re an accommodating person who is more worried about satisfying everyone around you than yourself.

In all actuality, there are sure individuals who won’t ever be cheerful, regardless of how enthusiastically you attempt to satisfy them. Besides, you shouldn’t mind/stress over others’ opinions of you.

It’s your life! Go with the choices that are best for you instead of attempting to pursue options in light of the assessments of others. Looking at the situation objectively, do the vast majority you know genuinely care that much about their thought process of them — particularly regarding their own happiness?

4. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

In this highly competitive world, we often compare ourselves with others. Not only we, but our parents, friends, and partners often compare us to others.

We often forget that we are all unique by nature & comparing us is nothing but futile. Moreover, sometimes these comparisons do more harm than good. Those may make one depressed, anxious & stressed.

We must remember all of us have different strengths, weaknesses, skills & different challenges. Would you ask Mike Tyson to run a business or Elon Mask to face Evander Holyfield in a boxing ring?

Just like that, you need to know your specialty & go accordingly. It is foolery to compare a shark & Lion by the ability to swim. That’s one of the Essential Rules for a Happy Life.

5. Try To Be With Happy People

Relationships are beneficial when they are with happy individuals. Happiness is infectious, so if you’re companions with someone delightful, it builds your satisfaction.

We are not discussing Facebook companions but rather being around individuals you care about & focusing on them. Please remember that dropping a text message or IM is not an alternative to a hearty face-to-face conversation.

6. Keep Your Stress Under Check

Stress is a common factor in this professional & fast world, and it is one of the Rules for a Happy Life to keep it under check.

Daily we deal with many pressures in our personal life & professional life. Deadlines for targets, due presentations, upcoming meetings, unfinished chores, and submissions of bills can be overwhelming & it can be hard to have a stress-free life.

One can try these simple things to keep the stress under control:

  • Take a vacation twice a year.
  • Have a balance between personal & professional life.
  • Set some boundaries.
  • Have some ‘Me’ time daily.
  • Have a hobby.
  • Do something you love.
  • Exercise & meditate daily.
  • Spend some time with people you love.
  • Have a relaxing bath after a hard day.
  • Have a pet.

7. Be Grateful For Whatever You Have

We are still working on our current state of life. All of us are trying to have a better life. That is a normal thing, but we often neglect what we have. Instead of being grateful for whatever we have, we constantly complain about what we don’t have. We often forget the life we have is a dream to many.

You may complain about your small apartment, but you are luckier than those who lost their homes in the devastating earthquake in Turkey. You may not be satisfied with your partner or family, but you are more fortunate than those who lost their families in a recent pandemic or ongoing war.

You may be tired of bland daily meals, but you are luckier than those who can’t afford a square meal daily. Try to improve your state of life but don’t nag or complain about what you have. You may be luckier than many.

Some Books To Understand Happiness & To Find It

Before knowing the Essential Rules for a Happy Life, you need to understand what happiness is & how you define it. These books can help you to do so:

  • Solve For Happy by Mo Gawdat.
  • Stumbling On Happiness by Dan Gilbert.
  • The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt.
  • The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.
  • Happier At Home by Gretchen Rubin.
  • How To Stop Worrying And Start Living by Dale Carnegie.
  • Happiness by Richard Layard.
  • The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.


Q: How to find happiness in this current world of chaos?

A: Since the beginning of life, there was always chaos & there will be chaos. Happiness can only be found through a positive outlook & attitude.

Q: I find happiness in playing video games & reading comics. People call it childish. What should I do?

A: Let those people know only you are responsible for your happiness & will do anything to have it, and playing games or reading comics doesn’t disturb them.

Q: I can’t find happiness no matter what I do. What should I do?

A: You need to find out if you are a victim of depression, stress, or anxiety. A counsellor or a therapist may help you.

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