7 Best Business Books for Entrepreneurs

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Best Business Books

Books are a marvelous instrument of knowledge, a remarkable source of inspiration & an excellent guide. They can inspire & teach a student & a scholar alike. They can entertain us, educate us & offer us some fresh perspectives. Among thousands of Best Business Books, it is daunting to point out some particular books.

Whether you’re a business veteran or a beginner, each entrepreneur will go over various difficulties on their way. Books can assist you with conquering large numbers of these difficulties, & one of the most outstanding ways of gaining from the best is by perusing examples of overcoming adversity from prominent entrepreneurs.

Some Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs

Best Business Books

1. Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography by Walter Isaacson

 This is one of the most loved books for entrepreneurs. It centers around Apple founder Steve Jobs’ business activities. Being of the most celebrity in Silicon Valley, Steve Jobs’ life & examples of overcoming adversity are moving. Isaacson gives an exhaustive memoir about Apple’s pioneer in this book.

The writer of this book Walter Isaacson is the CEO of Aspen Institution. He is the Editor of Time Magazine & a writer too. He principally composed life stories about exceptionally fruitful individuals in their specialized topic.

Apple’s prosperity is an unquestionable reality that moves entrepreneurs & small business owners. By learning about Steve Jobs’ life, you can gain numerous things about building a fruitful business without any support or huge fund.

2. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

 This one of the Best Business Books offers both experienced entrepreneurs & wantrepreneurs a semi-logical, certifiable way to deal with building a business by utilizing approval, finding a productive action plan & making a development mechanism.

Are all new companies inclined to disappointment? Or, on the other hand, are the disappointments brought about by certain errors which can be effortlessly forestalled? As indicated by the author, a startup manages an influx of vulnerability; sure, & marketable strategies won’t be the way to make things run as expected.

This book gives a logical way to deal with the legitimate management of a startup, for the most part, by utilizing innovation.

3. Beating the Odds by Eddie Brown

 This book recounts the tale of building Brown Capital Management by its pioneer Eddie Brown. He narrates how he conquered difficult events like 9/11. He also discusses the recession in the commercial center in 2008. Brown discusses being an engineer at IBM & shaping his organization later in this book with extensive subtleties.

Eddie Brown is a philanthropist & entrepreneur situated in the USA. He recently functioned as an engineer at IBM. After that, Brown fabricated his organization, which became a billion-dollar business.

Brown recounts his own story with an earnest tone in this book. Assuming you are going through tough situations toward the start of your undertaking, you can figure out how to adapt to these circumstances in business by reading Brown’s narrative.

4. Zero To One by Peter Thiel

 Zero To One is an intimate view of Peter Thiel’s way of thinking & system for making your startup a triumph by learning from experiences he gained from establishing & selling PayPal, putting resources into Facebook & turning into an extremely rich person all the while.

You can imagine that we know it all & that there isn’t much to do now. That every one of the best creations has shown up at this point. Also, this is where you may be wrong: business visionary Peter Thiel affirms that there are valuable ways for us to make a genuinely new thing. This should be possible by utilizing your power & posing the right inquiries to concoct the following development.

5. The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

The $100 Startup tells you the best way to break free from the shackles of a mundane job by joining your enthusiasm & abilities into your own small business, which you can begin for $100 or less, yet still transform into a full-time income because of the force of the internet.

It’s significant these days to live a life full of importance & reason; however, what is likewise significant is to make money. This book is loaded with key rules that will assist you with sorting out precisely the exact thing you need to do to carry on with your life in the manner you need.

Also, the greatest aspect of it is that it doesn’t lose all sense of direction in consensuses which won’t give you the knowledge you want.

6. Good To Great by Jim Collins

Jim Collins centers around huge organizations like Coca-Cola & Intel in one of the Best Entrepreneurship Books, Good To Great. He attempts to figure out the hidden things about fruitful organizations by doing additional exploring with his team. At last, he acquires the discoveries of this exploration in this book together.

Jim Collins is an American writer, speaker, & scientist. He is likewise a specialist in business executives. He is a business management & growth consultant. If you are interested in what spreads the word, you can read this research-type book for entrepreneurs. Collins offers viable solutions to further developing an organization that can be useful while fostering your venture.

7. The Power Of Broke by Daymond John

 This book tells you the best way to use having no funds to benefit in business by remunerating it with imagination, enthusiasm & genuineness. If desperate personalities mean desperate measures, advancement ought likewise to be added because this is precisely what Daymond John did.

This began similar to a basic thought, turning into a worldwide peculiarity, & this while he was all penniless. This book lets you know that occasionally, you must have a tad of trust & give you all to make progress. Nobody can say for sure whenever the ideal opportunity could come presenting itself.

Things To Remember While Reading Such Books

We need to keep certain things in mind while reading Best Business Books. Here are some of them:

  • Try to soak in the lessons from the book.
  • Keep an open mind. You may agree or disagree with some points.
  • Don’t try to imitate the described methods blindly.
  • Don’t expect these books to be like school textbooks or simple storybooks.
  • Don’t expect to develop a multi-million dollar business after reading one. Read as many as you can.
  • Become patient. Founding a business & reading these books needs patience.
  • Discuss these books with fellow entrepreneurs, friends & family.
  • Note the key takeaway of every book.
  • Try to develop a new perspective. 


Q: Why can’t I read Business Magazines instead of Books?

A: Business magazines will discuss recent trends & developments in the business world, but they are no substitute for books. Books will provide you with more in-depth narratives.

Q: Can I become an entrepreneur by only reading books?

A: Like to write a novel, you need to read the alphabet first. Similarly, these books will offer you a stepping stone. They will help you to find motivation & develop the necessary skills to execute your plans.

Q: What if I don’t find a book by the entrepreneur I admire?

A: Not every entrepreneur has written a book or has a biography. If you don’t find a book by your favorite entrepreneur, try to find another book by another entrepreneur in the same field.

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