10 Reasons why Motivation is important in life

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Reasons why Motivation is important

If you want to accomplish greatness, you must stop asking for permission from others. This is one of the Reasons why Motivation is important in life because it stops asking questions & adjusts you to work towards your objectives. Objectives are the stepping stones toward your dreams, so to achieve them, you need the motivation to keep you running toward them.

Only some are born with adequate motivation. There can be a severe lack in some who believe ‘I’ll do that one day’ or ‘the timing can be better’ or a classic case of ‘I won’t be able to do that.’ Motivation is the significant factor that turns a positive thought into immediate action. It can turn a positive & unique idea into a business & can impact the world around you.

Without motivation, you can’t accomplish anything. There are no bull’s eyes to aim for & no purpose of attempting forward.

Reasons Why Motivation Is Important

Reasons why Motivation is important

1. Motivation Creates Self-Confidence

When you are motivated enough to accomplish your goal, you take small, steady actions toward your goal & you get the results of those small daily actions. You drag yourself out of your comfort zone; you drag yourself to face challenges & different obstructions in the path.

After overcoming all these, you get the results & this sense of achievement automatically increases your self-confidence. This self-confidence makes you ready for the next objective in your life. All this happens because you are motivated enough to run towards your goals.

2. Motivation Increases Your Efficiency

One of the vital Reasons why Motivation is important is it increases your efficiency. If you want to be more efficient, think about your motivations. Do you have any of it? If you are doing something on auto-pilot mode & not thinking about reasons, it’s much easier to get diverted or procrastinate.

There isn’t anything boosting your actions. If you are motivated by something, even if it’s as simple as wanting to be healthier & waking up at 5 a.m. to hit the gym, you are likely to be more efficient, among other benefits.

3. Motivation Clarifies Your Goals

When you are motivated, you feel that you must modify your life & set a new direction. Your life starts changing when you set some goals for yourself & then motivation directs you toward your goal.

It helps you get clarity about your goal and why you want to achieve it. & the ways to achieve them. Motivation gives you the energy to conquer all the challenges & barriers that come on the way to your goal & it also lets you visualize your goals.

4. Motivation Helps To Build New Skills

Building a new skill involves motivation, practice & habit. When you have done something for sometimes, you don’t always have to feel motivated; you can go through it & do that thing out of habit. However, while you are still building those habits, you need the motivation to practice them continuously.

You need some reasons to stick to a new skill or hobby when you are still not good at it. Keep thinking about why you started all that in the first place, trusting that it will finally become a habit. It is one of the vital answers to the question,’ Why Is Motivation Important’?

5. Motivation Increases Your Commitment Towards Work

When you get enough clarity & motivation about your goals, the next thing that comes is moving forward with your goals & for that; you have to be committed to your goal or everyday action. Commitment helps to keep you on the path to your goal.

Then there goes the role of motivation, which increases your commitment to work. Sometimes you don’t get the expected result for working on your goal; that time, you feel down & feel like quitting. Only motivation inspires you to get back on your feet to try again.

6. Motivation Improves Relationships

Professional or personal relationships can be challenging. We all must go through various misunderstandings, conflicts, & setting boundaries. Relationships also need a great deal of time & energy.

If you lack motivation, problems will go unnoticed, distance is created gradually, & everyone involved feels neglected. If you are motivated to improve or uphold a relationship, that is better for it.

7. Motivation Helps To Get You Through Hard Times

When your life is going fine & there are no problems, during that period, you feel good & motivated to work on your goals. But when things are difficult, you face a lot of hardships & obstacles. During that time, you are unsure about your life situation.

You may feel like you are a good-for-nothing. During this challenging time, motivation helps you eliminate those negative feelings. This driving force offers you the strength & courage to face any life situation. It provides you the confidence that you can get through this challenging time.

8. Motivation Helps You To Learn More

Whether you want to become an expert on some topic or learn enough to discuss it without getting lost, you will need motivation. Most things are more intricate than they appear on the exterior, so you must do more than read one article or book.

Motivation helps you to go through what may seem like limitless resources. With motivation, you can absorb & analyze new information, & keep learning.

9. Motivation Helps To Confront Your Fears

While moving towards your goal, sometimes you feel self-doubt because of fear of failure & uncertainty. Your mind starts imagining the scenarios, failures & uncertainties around some unfamiliar path. These fears try to stop you from taking action toward your goal.

Motivation helps you tackle your fears by reminding you why you started to work on that goal. It offers you the energy to take action regardless of your feelings. It helps you to see the bigger picture of your goal & its result beyond your fears & self-doubts.

10. Motivation Advances Your Career

You must have big career goals. Most people think about 5-year or 10-year plans & what they hope to accomplish in that time. Advancing a career is a very regular dream. There’s typically a lot of work involved.

Motivations can fuel the longing for a bigger paycheck or responsibilities more aligned with your passions. Most people hope to move into a role that offers them more flexibility & independence. Whatever your goals, you must stay motivated to get there.

How To Get Motivated?

Despite the knowledge of Reasons why Motivation is important, we often struggle to rekindle the motivation within us; it is even more challenging for people suffering from mental health issues like stress, anxiety, or depression. At those times, we need to follow some techniques:

  • Provide yourself with one significant yet achievable goal.
  • Think about combining that goal in your life and what you must do to make it happen. Then put a timeframe on it.
  • Divide your goal into small, manageable tasks & set daily reminders to complete each step.
  • Use your family & friends for support – tell them about your goals & ask them to help keep you motivated.
  • Watch & listen to speeches of various eminent motivational speakers.


Q: I often struggle to find motivation; what should I do?

A: We often encounter the same feeling; there are many simple yet effective ways to find motivation. Apply them.

Q: Reasons why Motivation is an important help to find motivation?

A: When you realize the significance of motivation, you will get it automatically.

Q: Can motivational speakers help me to find motivation?

A: There are many influential motivational speakers with millions of fans worldwide. You may try to listen to them or follow their techniques.

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