10 Positive Changes To Make To Your Life

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Changes To Make To Your Life

There are many positive actions & habits we realize we should do, like working out, eating healthy & not spending beyond our limits. We understand that big things will improve our lives, but big tasks can sometimes feel intimidating or overwhelming sometimes & we give up on them. Still, there are some changes to make to your life that can make life more positive & better.

 Tips for Making Positive Change in Your Life

Positive Change in Your Life

1.  Set Realistic Goals: Perhaps this is one of the top Tips for Making Positive Change in Your Life. Once you identify what is essential & what your dream life looks like in the long term, you have to take action & set your long-term, medium, & short-term goals accordingly. Acting on these goals will allow you to accomplish your dreams & change your life.

Remember that your goals can change. Always try to be flexible with settings & accomplishing your goals as things in life change, & your goals require to reflect these changes. It is the small steps that you take that produce the momentum when you are discovering how to change your life.

2. Find True Meaning: “How do I change my life?” try to figure out the answer to this question & ask yourself repeatedly until you find some satisfactory explanation. What is it that you want to accomplish in your life? What are the dreams that motivate you? Your answers to these questions give you purpose & determine the direction of how you want to lead your life. Without a specific meaning, you will spend the rest of your life drifting pointlessly with no route, focus, or principle.

3. Create a List of Dreams: When we were children, we would often daydream & think of how to live our lives. We were experts at dreaming & visualizing what we would be when we grew up. We used to believe that anything was possible. As we grew up, we lost our capability to dream. Our dreams became concealed once we started to feel like accomplishing our dreams was not possible.

A list of dreams is an excellent way to start believing in your dreams again. Watching your dreams every day on a list of dreams can bring them to life. It will also be a daily reminder to transfer your energy & direct it toward what you want to attain.

4. Let Go of Past Regrets: Regrets will only drag you behind in life. If you continue to spend all your time thinking about the past, you will miss the present & the future. You cannot modify what you did or did not do in the past, so let it go. The only thing you can control now is how you want to live your present & future life. Every time you experience a negative thought about your past, counter it. You cannot go further with a burden of regrets on your shoulder. Therefore, it is wise to let the burden go & never look back. We all have some regrets, but science has not invented the time machine so that we can go back in the past & change it. This is one of the most important changes to make to your life to be happier.

5. Step Out of Comfort Zone: Do something that scares you. This is all about you stepping out of your comfort zone & see restrictions from a different perspective. Make a list of things that scares you & decide to confront them. After you face them successfully, you will realize not only have you spent your life cowering from something easily manageable by you, but you can also excel in that field.

We all know action star & ‘Govornetor’ Arnold Schwarzenegger. He stepped out of his genre action movie in a comedy movie called Twins (1988), starring Danny DeVito alongside of him. The movie was a huge hit & critics praised Schwarzenegger for taking the role. This success inspired him to explore comedy movies more & he gifted comedy movies like,’ Kindergarten Cop (1990) ,’ ‘Junior (1994), ‘Jingle All The Way (1996)’ & ‘Killing Gunther (2017)’.

6. Accept Yourself: The only person who can change your life is you. To welcome that change, you must like yourself. There will be times in life when you have to face refusal, & there will be people who will not approve of you or your choices. Accepting who you are & love yourself regardless of difficulties helps you to move forward in your life. Gather your courage, love yourself, & step out and do something daring. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks of it or whether it is the right thing to do. If it feels right to you, act on it & create the life you aspire to.

7. Live In The Moment: Many of us think that the grass is greener on the other side. Frequently, we get to the other side of the fence & find that is not so. The inspiration to change our lives comes from our yearning to be happy. Sometimes, we are so busy focusing on our pursuit of happiness that we miss the excitement of living in the moment. Our desire to achieve happiness in our lives is a longing for a future state, not for the present. We become so infested with all our problems in the present that we often miss the valuable beauty of the moment.

8. Remove Negativity: Let’s admit that it is finally time for that nay-saying voice in your head to shut up. Sure, it has been through a lot of things. Of course, it memorizes every single disappointment & failure. But it cannot see the future, so you cannot let it play a part in recognizing what’s to come.

Negativity harms you & keeps you from living a positive life. It doesn’t matter whether someone behaved with you unfairly or not. Being fixated on injustice (outside a brief period of venting) destroys your life & corrodes precious time you could use to start living. It is best to decide or plan how to fix the problem at the root of your negativity & fix it. Whatever you do, don’t stay pessimistic or gloomy for long.

9. Realize The Joy of Learning: Every time you learn something new, you expand your knowledge, & that knowledge gives you more confidence. Learning new skills allows us to be more flexible in new situations. It also persuades us to be more creative & innovative in our thinking. Reading is a great way to learn. To fully hold close to the joy of learning, pick up that book you have heard many people discussing. Once you find the genre that interests you most, read as many books as possible. Not only books, magazines, and journals, but grab any piece of new information.

10. Be Grateful for Things You Have: You might not have the most promising job, but in a troubled economy, you do have a job – that is something worth counting. Always remember that the good friends & great family you have are unique gifts, & their love & support will help handle you through hard times.

Recognize where you are fortunate & you will create a sense of optimism that will change your perspective. Most people are familiar with the expression “taken for granted.” Too often, we take so many things in our lives for granted. We fail to recognize many good things. Instead, we concentrate on the handful of unpleasant or loathsome things. If you list the Changes To Make To Your Life, you will realize that too.


You have options for how you want to change your life. These changes to make to your life will help you get started on how you can switch your living as you wish to advance in various areas. Do the positive things that will change your life. Go for it with a positive attitude & always remember that change takes time. Life starts fresh when you decide to change your life for the better.

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