10 Habits To Build For A Strong Mindset

Dr. Ankit Sharma, PhD

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Habits To Build For A Strong Mindset

Everyone wants to begin the year strong but finishing strong is also vital. Many resolutions & goals are never met because we get caught up in what’s happening to us, & because we don’t have the mental strength to keep ourselves going when the excitement from the New Year fades away. We should always follow some Habits To Build For A Strong Mindset.

Being mentally stronger doesn’t mean it has to be strenuous exercise; here are a few tips & tricks that can help you. Just like if you want to be strong & fit physically you have to do exercises to make the muscles strong, do develop mental strength you have to exercises to build those habits & beliefs.

Habits To Build For A Strong Mindset

Habits To Build For A Strong Mindset

1. Make Your Bed

You are already achieving things & heading to a great start of the day when you make your bed first thing in the morning. Remember the old saying, “The state of your bed is the state of your head?” That is quite true. While it may seem like a small step, it is an excellent Habits To Build For A Strong Mindset.

Many kinds of research have shown people who make their beds every day are, in general, happier with their lives, more dynamic, & possess a stronger sense of pride & achievement in their day for all the tasks they do.

This one little thing helps to create the habit of finishing work immediately in the morning. One task is completed before you have even brushed your teeth; that is a great feeling. There is a book called “Make Your Own Bed” by former Navy SEAL William M. White. It is written based on his years of experience in training & work life.

2. Allot Time For Exercise

Physical & mental health go together & must not be considered separate. Poor mental health can cause poor physical health & vice versa. We all know a healthy mind resides in a fit body.

Like medicine works in the treatment of mental & physical ailments, exercise can enhance serotonin, dopamine, & norepinephrine in the brain. It develops & normalizes neurotransmitter levels, which eventually helps us to feel mentally healthy.

Other significant benefits include improved mood & energy, less stress, deeper relaxation, mental clarity, memory & cognitive functioning, intuition & creativity, boldness & enthusiasm for life, higher self-esteem & better spiritual connection.

3. Say Positive & Nice Things to Yourself Daily

Promise to reduce the negative self-talk & increase the nice things you say to yourself. You may feel preposterous at first to become your own cheerleader in your head but think about how great you will feel as you make more robust decisions about your life. Those same decisions are the fuel that will keep you moving toward your goal.

Be careful; negative thoughts can sneak their way in quickly; when you catch them, identify them as false & replace them with a positive thought & idea.

4. Set Limits & Maintain Them

Living in a success-worshippers society has its benefits. But it also has drawbacks, like exhaustion, which is a genuine concern when trying to have it all: a fulfilling career, a picture-perfect vacation, & a happy family life.

Always remember that it’s absolutely okay to say no sometimes. To the possible extent, set boundaries within your professional & personal life so that you do not exhaust yourself.

5. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

That is a thing that may wreak havoc on your mind. So what if your cousin is only 27 & already the regional head of a company & even after pushing 34, you are just a struggling entrepreneur?

Everyone is born with certain skill sets & along the way, gathers experience which is exclusive to themselves. Everyone gets unique chances & faces unique challenges. It is just foolery to compare yourself with others.

Comparing a lion to a monkey based on its ability to climb a tree is absurd. Success is a personal matter. Create your own description of success with an achievement list to monitor your progress. This helps you to measure yourself up against the earlier you.

6. See the Positive Aspects of Every Challenge

Life is a lot about perception. Change your perception & you can change your life. Instead of complaining & being angry or disappointed, indulging in negative self-talk about any challenges that may come up or already is here, increase your mental strength by writing down positive sides & things you could learn from the challenges. Try your best to find some silver lining in the dark cloud.

7. Practice Mindful Happiness

Mindfulness is about living in the moment. To get comfy with being happy, try practicing being mindfully happy.

Think of an event or moment, or memory when you were feeling good, & let yourself drown in the feeling. Look at how it stimulates your body, how your thoughts change for the better, how your body language changes, & what it feels like; see what kind of emotions are filling your heart.

8. Do a Hobby or Activity Daily You Enjoy

A Hobby or Activity you enjoy is an excellent form of self-care. Dive deep within yourself & see what you enjoy. Is it music? Or sports? Or reading a book? Maybe gardening?

As you become more confident & capable at it, you will discover how confidence & self-belief will shower on the other areas of your life. The positive talk & the joy you find in your hobby will help to make you mentally strong as you face the more demanding challenges in the path of your chosen goal.

9. Focus on One Thing at a Time

Multitasking is considered to be a virtue, but multitasking too much is not healthy. Practice focusing on one thing at a time. When you are in the office, making a spreadsheet, ignore all the emails & messages from your colleagues.

When taking a walk, absorb your surroundings—the weather, the birds, the trees. Keep your phone in flight mode & try to forget the upcoming presentation or meeting in your office.

10. Don’t Be A People Pleasure

To be seen as a good person, we often overstretch ourselves & commit to things we really don’t want to do or beyond our capabilities.

Admit the fact that you can’t please everyone. Get rid of the habit of letting others’ happiness & goals override your dreams & wishes, your health, & your happiness.

Final Words on Mental Strength

Mental Strength is not some idea that you never cry, complain, or express doubt. It’s not equally exclusive to mental illness, either. Because they have had to work so hard to develop survival mechanisms, many people with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), depression, & other mental health conditions can be incredibly mentally strong.

Just like physical Strength is a part of physical fitness, mental Strength is a piece of mental fitness. Mental fitness is the full set of practices that allow you to maintain & develop your mental state.

Mental Strength helps you stay focused & firm in vital moments — for example, the player who needs to ignore the crowd to score a winning goal. Even though mental toughness helps you to perform under pressure, it’s often not tenable. Even in Olympic athletes, this intense pressure can damage mental health.

Alternatively, mental Strength balances the extreme. We can function efficiently & reliably in times of challenges & stress — without putting our health, sense of self, & mental well-being at stake. It’s closely related to resilience. Like any other skill, a strong mindset can be developed by forming some positive Habits To Build For A Strong Mindset.

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